The world feels rather cold and dreary as of late. With dark, nefarious forces seeming to occupy ever crevice of the internet, self-imposed exile from the real world to a digital sanctuary is increasingly difficult.

We hope to remedy that in a small way.

I have been employed in many jobs I hated with a passion. The drudgery of each hour wore down my body and soul; punching that time card at the end of a shift was the only satisfying sound in a day populated by mechanical noise and boredom.

When I finally shuffled home, I grabbed a drink, opened a good book and dropped the needle on my record player. Orwell, Tolkien, Aldiss and Moorcock transported me to new worlds; my dinner and alcoholic spirits helped compliment their words and give me the energy to face another day.

We want Fictional Pairings to act as a similar escape.

This online magazine will pair together music bubbling in the underground with fresh new flash fiction. These pairings are meant to be enjoyed like a morning cup of coffee and pastry: little bits of joy and pleasure in an otherwise formidable environment.

Fictional Pairings doesn’t make any money and isn’t intended to. We hope to share fiction and music we love with a wider audience. While we have little in the way of cash, we do plan to pay writers for their work. The pittance won’t be putting anyone through college, but we hope it endears amateur writers to our project.

We would love to hear from you and read your work. Science fiction, mystery and fantasy works is our true love, but we plan to publish many forms of fiction. See our Submissions page for more details on what we share and how to get your work into our hands.

Fictional Pairings looks forward to helping bring a little more light into this world.