By. Ryan Sonneville

The bank of cards spun, the force of the air surrounding its edges
Cuts the quiet, name upon name of specimens
“Belding” to “Evermore” to “Rockwell”
Beneath the script, a series of lines, coded identities
The machine probed through
Searching, thinking, considering


Ideal specimen was middle aged, thin, male, competent
And disposable
The specimen would not be returned to the database
Minced and deconstructed
Immediate termination following successful application

Flawlessly designed, it evaluated hundreds of samples
The Center required only suitable applicants
Faulty specimens had been previously applied
Failure was not a possibility

The engorged glass eye emanated electromagnetic lines
Searching, thinking, considering
It fell on a single entity for selection
“B. Hitchens – 9735784-AD45”

An entangled web of steel detached the card from the bank
Sent it ascending to a superior model for processing

New request: youth, overweight, female, disposable
It flipped through its cards
Searching, thinking, considering

Ryan Sonneville is a teacher and writer.

Bukun! is a musician from Madrid, Spain.