By. Fabiyas M V

A glacier gobbles Sonam,
the highest military post,
with its nine soldiers in
Arctic sleeping bags.
Lance Naik Thappa lies
in an air bubble as a fetus.
Sense becomes a wretched
thing. Bravery freezes.


After the sunrise, a radio
set at another post cracks
to life with his voice,
awakening the recovery
team. He resists the chill
with his will. Image of a
forlorn family frightens him.

Dozens of corpses are dug
out of blue ice boulders.
Thappa’s body is recovered
on the fifth day, with clutches
of death and a rare spark in his
eyes. Press corps move their
cameras, musing how to make
it more sensitive. A pair of
dry lips whispers holy words
before the door of ICU, while
death packs her soldier’s soul.

Pyre burns with flames of
pain. Ash of pride remains.

Fabiyas M V is an international award winning and widely published author from India.

Illuid Haller is a musician from Seoul, Korea.