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The Good Table.jpg

(Cover art by Jackson Pollock)

In honor of all the great work submitted to Fictional Pairings over the past few months, we have compiled all of the published pieces into a single post.

We appreciate the interest and support we have received thus far and look forward to matching fresh new fiction, poetry and art with music in the months to come. Please see our Submissions Page for information.


the bishop-4.jpg

Art by Lesley Vance

Up the Hill – Roland Dodds
Your New BAM-AG Home – Maria L. Berg
The Post Modern Cat – Roland Dodds
Floating Over a Spider – Joshua Scully
I Guess We Are Too – Irene Meklin
The Giving Machine – Roland Dodds
The Processor – Ryan Sonneville


the bishop-5.jpg

Art by Andre Minaux

Seeing Her – Mary Claire Garcia
Do Not Enter Morin Woods – Ryan Sonneville
By Blood a Clown – Stephen D. Rogers
Baby Bird – Justin Zipprich
Mistakes Made – Pat Berryhill


the bishop-3.jpg

Art by Jean-Honore Fragonard

Flames of Vengence – Linda M. Crate
Snowslide – Joshua Scully
McKenzie’s New Boyfriend – Maria L. Berg
Before the Ende – Jenean McBreatry


the bishop-2.jpg

Art by Wassily Kandinsky

Sonam Snow-slide – Fabiyas M V
Lady Godiva – LindaAnn LoSchiavo
Various haikus by the editors.

the bishop-6.jpg

Art by John Singer Sargent

Near Town – Michael Spencer
Doorway – Ryan Sonneville
Shark – Michael Spencer
Turn – Jose Decant
Dark Dots – Ryan Sonneville
Rock – WolfmanDracula