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By. Ryan Sonneville


Combat Droid Required, Will Pay Cash

I am in need of a combat droid. Preferably a 650 or 457 Jaspin model. It does not need to be fully functioning; it must have a working actuator, Techniatic limbs and mobility functions. Weston blaster and titanium sword would be advantageous. I have parts for most Jaspin models as a result of previous work.


I will be entering the Dark Zone on Mars next week. Recent news reports state that locals have attacked prospectors and I wish to avoid this fate. The droid should be able to compute basic instructions in English code translator; it must be able to process 5 simultaneous commands. Droid with previous expedition experience is desirable but should not have a history of emotional reckoning. At no point in its work history should it have been outfitted with an emotion processor (deep code analysis will be completed by myself prior to final purchase).

The droid will likely not be returned.

Ryan Sonneville is a writer and teacher in the Bay Area.

BläpDëli is a musician from Santa Rosa, CA.